The youngest of seven children in a family of artists, I have always been interested in creating art. From my first endeavors in watercolors and construction paper to my current work in jewelry making, I have sought to create beauty where- and whenever I can. I began creating jewelry (in earnest) around 2001. I first started to sell my creations after a friend bought a pair of my earrings to give to his girlfriend (thanks, Kurt!).

Now, my goal is to create something everyday, at which I am mostly successful. My inspiration comes from vintage colors and patterns, from nature, from functionality, and from what I have on hand. My philosophies revolve around reusing, repurposing, and using what is available to inspire beauty. I also believe in art as an attainable entity, as present in our everyday lives. My goal is to create beautiful, handmade things for people to wear. I am so lucky to have friends and family who support and facilitate my efforts. Without their help many of the items you see on this site would not be here.

The name Oshe (pron. 'O-shee') is my childhood nickname, which I haven't quite grown out of. It was given to me by my family, when I could not correctly pronounce 'Rosie.' No, you cannot call me Rosie today!

Wholesale and custom orders can be arranged by emailing me: or through my etsy shop.

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